Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cold.. Gusting ice sideways from the north, a foot of snow last night and more to come
So I walk instead
Only a few miles    a few more of the few more miles
Grey, low flying clouds crying my frozen tears for me
Spiraling and dry, wind whipped snowflakes holding fast to the thick frost of breath weighting my beard
Good friends that feel when I can't
Stinging blinding ice for hands and face
Cold crawling up from the ground for numbing legs
Choking flakes swept into heavy throat and lungs
Feel something.
Walk forward to backwards into Coriolis symmetry while it all   goes
Flesh victim parts and shrinks from proxied pain
Such a small almost forgotten canvas for my painting
To feel something
My horror ecstasy
Silent now    no mouth, hand or heart to push
Lids with splinters held wide open watching while they    they applaud my listless eloquence
Feeling nothing
Enough darkest wine to find
At least a moldering sign left from my leaving
Footprints and pressed grass
To remember

1 comment:

  1. I felt the same cold this here in colorado...your writing still amazes me...